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Lots of great new smart tv box products are coming out. It certainly appears that smart tv is making really progress. The prices of the various smart tv box product is dropping and the selection is growing substantially. A lot more of the big TV manufacturers like Samsung and Sony are making a really big smart tv push right now. More google tv box and smart tv box reviews coming up.

Update – There is a new Smart TV box from LG coming in 2011. Check out our blog post here.

Update – Due to popular demand, or shall we say future popular demand, we’ve launched a Logitech Revue specific page. It has amazing new photos!

google tv boxJune 16, 2010 – It didn’t take that long for Google TV and Logitech to merge a nice little partnership. With the initial launch announcement of Google TV, Logitech was a partner company who would be building the smart tv box that would bring the Google TV experience to life.

Well guess what? Today we are blessed with amazing details and Google TV box previews and video! The Logitech Google TV box is namd Logitech Revue. It will bridge your tv and internet into the smart tv era. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Well just watch this!

This video from Engadget will have you drooling for more! It’s an in depth preview of the smart tv box from Logitech. They should you how the Google search integrates onto your television without harming the viewing experience. This is starting to get really exciting. I hope you agree! Let the smart tv box enslaught commence!

google tv boxes

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logitech set top box for google tv

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logitech google set top box

From Logitech’s Google TV Partnership Announcement:

Logitech will introduce a companion box that brings Google TV to existing HDTV home entertainment systems, easily integrating with any brand of HDTV and set-top box. The companion box will incorporate Logitech’s Harmony® remote control technology, and will include a controller that combines keyboard and remote control capabilities. The company also has plans to introduce an HDTV camera and video chat for Google TV, along with additional choices for navigation and control, including apps to turn a smart phone into an advanced controller for Google TV and home-entertainment systems.

Gerald Quindlen, President and CEO, Logitech said, “We committed to Google TV early on because it aligns with our strategy to support open platforms that enable new immersive experiences in the digital living room. While Google TV enables seamless discovery of all your content, Logitech enables seamless control over how you experience that content. We look forward to continued collaboration with Google and the developer community to create new Google TV experiences that have yet to be imagined.”


New and Upcoming Smart TV Box Product Images

smart tv box from lg

Here is a photo of the upcoming smart tv box from LG. Expect to see this in stores come mid 2011. More details coming at CES 2011.

Google TV Box Images

For now there is just one Google TV box coming to market. This won’t be the only one, but it will be our focus for now until more companies are brought into the Google TV fold. Enjoy this expanding section of Logitech Revue smarttv box images and photos!

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logitech smart tv box

logitech set top box

logitech revue