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Your Guide To Smart TV aka Google TV

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google tvIt was a Friday morning and I was doing what I usually do. Reading the business section of the daily newspaper. There it was! The introduction of smart TV. An article about the conference where Google introduced their solution for internet TV.

It was amazing to think about what this means and how it may change everything. In my opinion, Google TV will be viewed as the pioneer of the smart TV revolution. It was extremely exciting to read the story about Google’s plans for incorporating TV and internet together. The startling thing about first hearing about Google TV was simply how logical and obvious this move by Google really was. It seems so obvious and such a perfect fit, you wonder if this is what they had planned from the very beginning of the company.

In 2009 and 2010 the whole concept of internet TV has really taken off. Obviously Google TV has been in the works for a long time. How long nobody really knows but I’m sure from Google’s inception they saw the day when their advertising could stretch beyond just the internet.

Now Google is looking at merging the two media which we all depend on. The TV and internet. Up until now, the internet has been a difficult place for the corporations to generate large amounts of money from advertising. With this smart TV revolution (I will refer this as a revolution because it certainly will be) a whole new advertising pie has emerged. If anyone can do this, it’s Google. That’s why I’m such a firm believer that this smart TV or Google TV will be a smashing success.

My plans for the website are simple in nature. I want you to come here when you need help, news, information, faqs or anything else related to getting smart tv. You have a bit of time to learn and plan because you won’t see any of these smart TV enabled devices hit the market until the Fall. This makes sense because we all do our shopping in the Fall months.

Google TV Video:

Not clear on what Google TV is? Hey I have a great idea. Why not watch a video tutorial/demonstration on Google TV and how your television experience will never be the same? Enjoy this short internet TV video from your friends at Google.


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What is Smart TV?

It is the future. Well, it is the future in my mind. That said, it’s essentially internet TV. It’s the merging of the internet experience with your television experience. It’s like the merging of the internet on phones which resulted in the very popular smartphone.

Sure there are and will continue to be internet TV concepts and devices coming out, but as we will likely see, smart TV will take over the internet TV space. With Google behind it how could it possibly fail?

Is Google TV and Smart TV the same thing?

Essentially the answer is yes. It’s a bit early to tell because Google TV is like Android. Think of Smartphones. They are phones that primarily use the internet. I’m sure the other players, namely Apple and Microsoft will come out with their own smart TV solutions. I believe that smart TV will become more of a generic term such as smartphone has become. When you think smartphone you don’t automatically think Google phone. In the same way I see smart TV as peoples way of describing the new wave of internet TV options and devices. Namely, how the internet and TV and combined into a seamless experience. Google is leading the way on this revolution so perhaps Google TV and smart TV will remain joined at the hip. Time will tell so I will possibly change my views on this in the coming months. Ultimately it depends on how the consumers like you and me adopt and use the term ‘smart TV’ and ‘Google TV’.

What brands of televisions will be Google TV or smart TV enabled?

This initial launch announcement for Google TV indicated that Sony would be the first company to incorporate the smart TV or Google TV components. When we hear more, check with us for the most updated news.

If I don’t have a Google TV enabled television (I know that sounds funny) what options will I have?

Well of course most people have their HDTV already and Google knows this. So they have partnered with Logitech (whos products of which I’m not a big fan of) will releases various smart TV accessories like boxes, remotes, controllers, keyboards which will allow anyone to start using Google TV.

Sony will also be releasing Google TV enabled Blu Ray players. See I told you Google had all this stuff figured out already!

Where can I find out more information about Google TV aside from this great site?

I suppose the official Google TV site might be worth checking out!

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